1000 M i l e s

From February 10th - May 20th 2013, working in collaboration with MOCAtv, I walked 1000 miles throughout Los Angeles, 10 miles a day over a 100 day period. The idea for the project began a year ago, when I had started to become interested in the whittled down, comminuted substances of existence (how a drop of water, for example, can account for an entire ocean). Investigating this further I realized that within our technology we are living in a world more and more filled with intangibles, things we can fully grasp mentally but can never do so physically, examples being everything from the actual memory of someone to a notification blinking back at you on a screen. I wanted to answer the question of what was the comminuted substance of that intangible world within phones, computers, tablets, and our own memory. The answer to the atom of that world was binary- a simple code of 1's and 0's that can account for nearly everything on a screen. Incorporating this number structure, I organized a 1000 mile walk performance throughout Los Angeles over the course of 100 days, completing 10 miles per day. The fragmentation of the project was key, as memories sometimes are, with one remembering the middle, the end, what came before, what came after and then the beginning. The only linear habitual string was that for each walk I wore the same thing. My uniform was an all-white outfit and a small satchel where I kept my film. Every morning I threw a dart at a map of the city to indicate my start point; I would then shape each day's route as a hieroglyph of the journey in either a line, a scribble, a crude drawing or a geometric shape.

Below is a collection of images, separated into 10 day / 100 miles segments from the entire 100 day / 1000 mile journey. Each segment out of the 10 can be seen as a short story, the collection together bringing recurring characters, places, streets and sidewalks together. There is no wrong way to read them, just as in any short story book they are available to be perused through at random.





Days 1 - 10



Days 11 - 20


Days 21 - 30


Days 31 - 40


Days 41 - 50


Days 51 - 60


Days 61 - 70


Days 71 - 80


Days 81 - 90


Days 91 - 100