ADWAZ x SAK PASÉ Exhibition & Book Launch in NY! December 13 2016, 19 Comments

Jason Jaworski ADWAZ Haiti Art Exhibition Book Launch

Created in conjunction with Bookdummypress' current exhibition, BOOKDUMMIES: Imaginary Studio, a Non-stop Process 1993-2015 by Victor Sira, we're pleased to announce ADWAZ, the latest installation by artist Jason Jaworski, comprised of work created over a ten-day period while teaching at-risk adolescent participants at the Lidè Foundation in different remote regions of Haiti, featuring a wall installation and table display consisting of over 100 combined photographs, prints, books, objects, tools and studio ephemera.

The title, ADWAZ, refers to a Haitian kreyòl term given for a slate or writing tablet. While teaching on location in Haiti, the artist noticed there were often times when the children had no desks and would instead pass around different “adwaz” to work on. In effect, each adwaz was itself a portable work studio, and this fact, combined with the artist's own migratory and nomadic nature seemed a perfect fit to describe the deeper meanings of the installation and the combined works as a whole wherein the artist continues his study and incorporation of both memory and longing.

Combined with the installation will be drawings created while at the Lidè program, a series of Polaroids from Haiti, as well as a book created by one of the classes led by artists Jason Jaworski and David Choe with numerous drawings contained therein by both artists.

In addition, the artist will also be exhibiting an in-progress book dummy for an upcoming publication that’s being made with the same body of work created in Haiti. Titled SAK PASÉ, the book is a celebration of the exuberance, warmth and bright color of culture the artist encountered while on location in Haiti. Created using the same materials the artist had on hand while teaching, the book is meant to provide a glimpse into the curriculum of each daily workshop, combining 4 different paper stocks, numerous collaged print cut-outs, hand painted text and artist embellishments in a variety of different mediums, along with a Polaroid print unique to each copy.

An extremely limited amount will be made for sale during the opening of the exhibition; those interested can inquire with the gallery directly:

All portions of the artist’s proceeds will be directly donated to support the Lidè Foundation in Haiti.

Opening Reception:
Saturday, December 17th from 2-6pm.

36 Cooper Sq. NY, NY 10003
(Use buzzer on left side of 34 Cooper Sq.)

The gallery is conveniently located in the East Village of Manhattan inside the historic Village Voice building and is accessible by most major subway lines. 

Hope to see you there!


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