When I was a kid, one of my favorite things to do was to run and go check the mail. I can still remember the feeling of finding something addressed to myself- a whole new and exciting world within the folds of a paper. Granted, this was before the internet and everything amazing and not so much that came after it. That being said, there is still something highly remarkable when it comes to getting mail you actually want to receive; the tangible and physical qualities of a letter somehow give rise to something magical. This section of SSK Press works to heighten and expand upon those feelings and early memories of mine. In keeping with the strict standards of SSK Press, every postcard is actually a re-appropriated high-quality photographic print, each containing a message written in permanent marker on the back addressed and personalized to you. I invite you to have and hold a special memory and message from me, each image and postcard signifying a different day from the 1000 Miles Project shot on film with a Contax G2.