Labyrinth X Dashwood Books! October 07 2015, 0 Comments

Jason Jaworski Labyrinth Photobook Zine Dashwood BooksSo excited to announce that our latest photobook zine LABYRINTH is now available at Dashwood Books in New York and online!

One of my favorite places in the world and one of the best, most consistent bookstores for photobooks and zines anywhere, Dashwood Books is that kind of magical place where every time you enter its doors there's a new discovery to be made. When I first moved to New York I can remember walking down the small staircase into the shop and, like all amazing bookstores, being completely transported while sifting through each amazing book they had in stock so it's such a great dream to have one of my own books on their shelves now, get a copy HERE :)

UPDATE: The initial stock of copies SOLD OUT quickly, but Labyrinth is now BACK IN STOCK! Thanks to everyone for their interest! Get a copy before they're gone HERE :)

Big thanks to Kat Shannon for everything!

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