ROME ALONE - SOLD OUT July 28 2014, 0 Comments

ROME ALONE Taiwan Photobook by Jason JaworskiROME ALONE Taiwan Photobook by Jason Jaworski

Hi all! 

We've just been informed from our vendors that all versions of ROME ALONE, the first photobook in our 2014 series MOIS, have now completely SOLD OUT

For United States customers still interested in acquiring a copy, there are six copies left of our MOIS Boxset which includes both ROME ALONE and our now sold-out photobook sea as well along with the remaining 10 photobooks in the MOIS series.

The MOIS Boxset can be found here.

An abridged digital version of ROME ALONE will be made available in the coming weeks to all who missed out on getting a physical copy of the book. 

Thanks to all who bought a copy and to everyone interested in the project!