Artists' Books & Cookies w/ ForYourArt, Fundación Alumnos47 & Ooga Booga! July 05 2014, 1 Comment

Jason Jaworski X Ooga Booga X Artist Books and Cookies X ForYourArt X SSK Press

Hi all!

We're so excited to announce that our most recent photobook sea was selected to be part of the third edition of Artists' Books and Cookies!

Presented by ForYourArt, Fundación Alumnos47 and Ooga Booga, Artists' Books and Cookies brought together hundreds of artist books, cookies and viewers from all over Los Angeles to Ooga Twooga, Ooga Booga's newest downtown location!

For years I've been a huge fan and lover of Ooga Booga, one of my favorite shops and stores in all of Los Angeles, so this was super exciting news for me :)

Many thanks to ForYourArt, Fundación Alumnos47, Ooga Booga and especially everyone that was able to make it out to the event!

For photos of the event please click here.